oh its my work

heres just a bunch of pictures of everything i made this semester

finishing it up

well, this semester has been pretty great. at the end i am pretty happy with how everything turned out, i think i’ve got a few solid pieces from the batch. i wish i had taken a bit more time to maybe make a few extra things for fun and practice, but the projects themselves wereContinue reading “finishing it up”

the snails are born

well alright! the mold turned out really well! i did have to break my original object to get it out from the clutches, butttt i have a successful mold so i can make a thousand more if i wanted to! so now i have an army of snails, all hollowed out and ready to beContinue reading “the snails are born”


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clay – walking the line between dirt and art?

nature is dirty, messy, gross. flowers bloom for a few days and then their petals fall and rot away. butterflies flutter through the sky only to land on a turd for their favorite afternoon snack. all life eventually turns to goo. but for a moment, ceramics can become the opposite of this gross, messy, yet beautiful process. the goo becomes the permanent, the gross becomes the lovely, the turd becomes the artist.

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