continuing onward

i feel like this project has been coming together too slowly. its hard to tell how its going to turn out at this point. i do enjoy the concept of the project and i think its an interesting way to challenge my sculptural creativity, but i am feeling slightly unmotivated. i think its just becauseContinue reading “continuing onward”

ooo next project already

welp here we go onto the next project, sculptural, aahhhh, back to my roots. i’m pretty excited about this whole no-base concept, because I think it’ll really push the limits of my sculptural work and force me to experiment with some new techniques. I definitely thought i wanted to try out the coral idea thatContinue reading “ooo next project already”

conquering the wheel

well the progress i’ve made on the wheel has surely shown itself during this project. i am fairly pleased with the results i was able to accomplish, and it does make me very excited to see how much better i could get with some practice with the new techniques i learned. now onto surface decoration!Continue reading “conquering the wheel”


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clay – walking the line between dirt and art?

nature is dirty, messy, gross. flowers bloom for a few days and then their petals fall and rot away. butterflies flutter through the sky only to land on a turd for their favorite afternoon snack. all life eventually turns to goo. but for a moment, ceramics can become the opposite of this gross, messy, yet beautiful process. the goo becomes the permanent, the gross becomes the lovely, the turd becomes the artist.

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