I don’t even know what all to say. this month has sucked so bad. I was so amped up going into this semester and then only less than a week into it, bam, breakup. ultimately I am very happy, I know this is going to be the transformative experienced I needed to catapult me intoContinue reading “ugh”

as we continue…

as things are wrapping up theres still lots to do for both the mixed media project and the mini modules project…. but we are getting there. I got the first project, my flower tea sea, all glaze fired up and my word it turned out sooooo well I am beyond happy about it! I reallyContinue reading “as we continue…”


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clay – walking the line between dirt and art?

nature is dirty, messy, gross. flowers bloom for a few days and then their petals fall and rot away. butterflies flutter through the sky only to land on a turd for their favorite afternoon snack. all life eventually turns to goo. but for a moment, ceramics can become the opposite of this gross, messy, yet beautiful process. the goo becomes the permanent, the gross becomes the lovely, the turd becomes the artist.

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