as we continue…

as things are wrapping up theres still lots to do for both the mixed media project and the mini modules project…. but we are getting there. I got the first project, my flower tea sea, all glaze fired up and my word it turned out sooooo well I am beyond happy about it! I reallyContinue reading “as we continue…”

mini modules

wow, already to the last project of the semester. thats freaking crazy actually. obviously the circumstances called for the shortened semester but it feels like I barely had time to make anything significant.. but anyway the last project sounds like fun. the idea for my sketch was to make a three dimensional butterfly display. IContinue reading “mini modules”

still out here workin’

while I patiently wait for my planter to be bisqued, I got to dabble into some glazing for the first time this semester. My tea set came out of the kiln looking nice and dandy, I was actually sooo happy with the results. The tea cups shrunk quite a bit and got a much daintierContinue reading “still out here workin’”

clays a wrap

overall, the design for the ceramic planter wasn’t too complex of a form to make with clay. The creation of the form was relatively quick, and I just spent some extra time refining the surface texture to something I was happy with. I started on building up the form and the first time around theContinue reading “clays a wrap”


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just a bit about myself

Hello All! My name is Margaret Vish. I am currently a student at Indiana University Southeast studying for my BFA in Ceramics. I will mainly be using this page to document the creative process of my work in ceramics, as well as any particularly intriguing projects I undertake in other mediums.

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